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The Schlink Collection

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We love Adventures and making videos. Here are a selection of videos of weekend snow adventures exploring Schlink Road in the Kosciuszko National Park. 

The Winds of Jagungal

Rain, wind and ice. A Three day Nordic ski tour in the Australian high country, New South Wales, 2023. From Guthega Power station to the base of Mount Jagungal and back. This black & white film is divided into three chapters. The Rains of the Pass, The Winds of Jagungal and The Ice of the Kerries.


Featuring Andrew Pearce & Damian McDermott. 

A Weekend in Guthega

A weekend snowshoeing expedition to Horse Camp Hut in the Australian Alps. The journey begins as a casual foray and becomes an existential journey into the adventurers' collective souls. Featuring a marsupial rat, a random 11 year old, a blizzard and a fantastic igloo.

Featuring Marcus Sainsbury, Kylie Dunk & Pat Giltrap.

Tin Hut Adventure

Two mates take an epic overnight journey across the top of Australia to find a hut, buried in the snow... and climb a mountain and ski back home before the weekend ends. A winter adventure in Kosciusko National Park.


Featuring Andrew Pearce & Damian McDermott

Three Days of Schlink

In August 2022, Nick, Andrew and Damo embarked on a trip from Guthega Power Station to attempt to reach Valentine's Hut in the Jagungal Wilderness... or Not. It's good to have a plan, but not essential.


Featuring Nick Bryant, Andrew Pearce & Damian McDermott.

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